Odour order !!

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Odours make way for  fragrance !! They increase the human tendency to sniff at everything 🙂 Ours is not an exception.I have a special penchant for sunflowers. The flower scares me to the core and unfortunately without any reason. Our garden was abuzz with sunflowers once upon a time.It was the time whe we thought trees make the world beautiful.It is true indeed.But gradually our hobby of gardening turned the lawn into forest.I would sniff at every instant and I was in Standard one at that time.It was a horrible experience.The lawn was buzz with sunflowers.My father had special attention for sunflowers and was really caught up between my illness and his passion.But he decided to sacrifice his love for sunflowers for my sake. Fatherhood won this battle. I was burdened under the fact that I was contributing to global warming but kept my heart over head 🙂

Sunflower chapter was over but the series of terrible odours was yet to begin. Health of my mother suddenly went off radar and she was advised for complete bed rest.We had to look for a maid and unfortunately (for me) , we got one.

She was an expert in her field of work.She would finish the work before you anticipate it to finish.She would make delicious dishes for us and wrap up early.It was the best time for all of us.She would enjoy her work and make us feel well.She would come to work after having a meal in her house.This is where the real problem started.Stale food took a toll on her and we were taken for a ride.She would turn our house into hell within minutes.Her farts would rule our small kingdom. We were hopeless and were tied to the circumstances.Whenever I used to comment on her food habit,she used to turn around and greet me with a fart.She would then smile and go to the kitchen to prepare delicious dish for us.My cousins used to laugh at me as I was subjected to a new state of mockery and defiance. My mother’s health and I was happy with the feeling that farts won’t steal my sleep and test my patience again. Doctor came as a devil to extend her bed rest to fifteen days. Finally after an ordeal of three months,maid left us !! Yes,you heard it right !! She is gone leaving her memories full of odours !!

A memorable Date

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The date is still vivid in my memory.It was 25 May,2013.Semester exams were over.I was on cloud nine after being regarded as the new lovebug after being termed as ‘Geek’ for four years of engineering.

I was enjoying the attention. I decided to seize the moment by proposing for a date to my so caled girlfriend.She confirmed in affirmative and I was amazed 🙂

Clock struck 7 and the time was up for some magical moment. Tragedy gave me a wicked smile and luck also didn’t seem to favor me. I got a call from Technical Management committee to immediately attend an adhoc meeting with other stockholders.I was getting headache as it was upon me to shrug off the ‘Panauti’ tag credited to my name.The chance slowly seemed to be distant dream. Phew !! Anyways,I had to walk to the venue as there was no vehicle to travel. I hurried to the venue which was decided to e a 30 minute affair.Unfortunately,my fears came true !! Indian time played havoc and spoiled my party 😦 It took 45 minutes to start the meeting after the scheduled time.My girlfriend irritated me owing to my prized possession of apple i phone!! “Where r u “,”Disgusting Bf !! ” , “Forever Nerd ” messages flooded my inbox. A nine pointer was gasping for breath in such a precarious situation !! Hell indeed,yeah 🙂 The meeting got over by 9 pm.I knew I would be shot by a lady who was waiting for me like mad.I kept my calmness undeterred as usual and picked her from her house to set our journey for a lascivious dinner.Her grunt was clearly understandable.I tried to divert her in all possible manners but in vain.Dairy Milk was my savior and lifted her mood. Somehow,she agreed to be in my arms and decided to oblige a geek.It was heaven for me 🙂 I persuaded her to speak those golden words.She smiled and kept her mouth shut.All my efforts were deliberately turned down by her.

Finally,she came and asked me whether I need to hear three words. A desperate nod was sidelined by giggles. I had to acknowledge that shamelessly.

She asked me if I know the terms like perfumes,odors etc.She was welcomed with a nod in affirmative.”Ten why don’t you use it,geek ?” A sudden change in voice was enough to wake me up from my romantic slumber.A flashback which consisted of scenes of running to the meeting and sweating profusely culminated my date and suddenly I was driving back with her arms around me !!

Ecommerce Fiesta

I am a confused shopper. I face multiple dilemmas whenever I go for shopping. I loved books always and
bookstores were my favorite places to visit. I spent a lot of time searching for the book, flipping through its
pages, wondering whether I was getting it at the best price. The same pattern got repeated whenever I
chose to buy clothes, accessories and anything under the sun. The entire experience had troubled me and
made me restless. I was always haunted by the question on whether I chose the right thing at the right
Then came a sea of online shopping sites which lured me to surf through them, looking for deals, adding
items to my wishlist and finally making them a part of my life. Yet, sadly, most of these sites disappointed
me. The books that I looked for were not present in the catalogue, adding to my woes. The quality of items
were also compromised in many cases coupled with sluggish delivery. I was distraught, mulling over
changing to my previous method of buying things struggling with traffic and scorching heat.
Miracles happen and in such a profound moment, I found Amazon.
It was an an amazing place where the best things were available at the best prices. Be it books or kurtas, I
had the variety I had always craved for at the prices I always bargained for incessantly with shopkeepers .
The interface helped me navigate easily across categories ,the variety which I got left me dazed. With rapid
heartbeats, I ordered my first book on Amazon, a book which I couldn’t find in any other shopping site at a
remarkably economical price. The book got delivered within a week’s time. The numerous reviews were
right. I had found my bliss with my dear book and thankfully Amazon had made it possible.

The book which I ordered brought limitless happiness with it.It has special memories with me as it was my
first order from one of the giants of ecommerce,i.e., Amazon.As we always look for coupons and
cashbacks,I was not an exception in this case.
Interestingly,I stumbled upon something very unique and helpful in a different manner which was

I went through the link :
and found it extremely useful.So,what more I could ask for !! I was getting my favourite book delivered at a
magical price.
Sounds like heaven, isn’t it? Its too good to be true, best deals, best items delivered at lightening speed.
Over the time, Amazon has pleasantly surprised me with awesome deals across different product
categories and this has helped me create a world of my own. I gift myself with wonderful things handpicked
from Amazon, it completes my life or rather my own being.
I have become a calmer person, I have realized that life goes on but what makes it extra special is my
shopping spree on Amazon assisted by 27 coupons which makes me happy as the days pass by!

Shoppers follow 27coupons.com for offers and coupons. I bet you will love it till you breath your last 🙂

Hope and a little bit of sugar !!

The familiar smell of incense sticks burning, the slightly acrid smoke of the burning lamps,the blaring loudspeakers with disco songs like bhajans, the vibrant thalis with large coconuts, symmetrically cut fruits and flowers resting peacefully on the hands of the ladies draped in colorful sarees and matching bangles queuing in front of the temple.

Over the years,this sight has remained unchanged in my hometown during Shivratri. Yet today as my lazy bus moved stealthily amidst the sea of humans, I noticed something which I had missed out over the years.

There were happy faces chattering away, grim faces murmuring a prayer, playful faces indulging in the recent gossip yet when the temple bells clanked, they all had a common expression, the expression of hope.

Our country is an epitome of the emotion called hope. A frail beggar with leprosy hopes for a 1 rupee coin, a promising student shuttling between tuition, exams and insecurities hopes for a premiere institution, a young professional hopes for an amazing appraisal, the little puppy on the street hopes for a delicious biscuit, an old person in arm chair hopes for a long life, couples hope for divorce free marriage and eternal love,a street urchin hopes to become Sachin, political parties hope for power and almost everybody starts hoping against hopes before the almighty.

Yet, the emotion of hope is tricky. It always comes with a tinge of uncertainty . It breeds a tiny element of doubt in one’s heart and nurtures the fear of ‘what if it doesn’t happen’. In my conversations whenever I use ‘Lets hope for the best,’ most of the times there is a pause from the other end.

It is simply because in our hyper connected, pragmatic lives the emotion of hope is becoming almost bookish. Life is black coffee these days, hard hitting, busy and too fast paced to even experience it.

Yet just like sweetness of Dairy Milk which melts in one’s tongue, hope is that sweet flavor that the heart experiences in the heart to heart mindless conversations with loved ones , in continuous laughter that rings beyond the world of emoticons, in the tiny random acts of kindness which one does everyday, in the overwhelming joy of doing something perfectly and unconditionally and above all in the understanding that no matter whoever we are and wherever are, we are doing the best we can.

The secret ingredient of converting a bitter life to a better life is a tiny pinch of hope everyday. Believe me, it feels amazing. So keep adding hope generously in your lives, coz the best part is, unlike sugar it doesn’t add to one’s calories smile emoticon

The season of spring

The season of spring is a season of fresh hopes, rekindled joy and above all new beginnings. Just like the pale green, soft, scintillating leaves sprouting from dark stems, spring is a gentle reminder for the revival of one’s spirit

From a daily commuter’s perspective, spring is my favorite season. Unlike the piercing heat of the summer, the chills of winter or the wet seats in the bus during rainy season, the ever beautiful spring breeze gently strokesone’s hairs during the evenings. It feels as if a dear friend has come back after long and is ready to listen to all the rants, quietly and peacefully.

I started off in the late evening from office yesterday. Somehow I wasn’t feeling well,I was all irritated and grumpy. As I found an auto, the spring breeze greeted me swiftly. Somehow , I didn’t pay attention and was scrolling through the playlist on my phone. As I stood in the bus stop, the spring breeze said a “Hi” again, this time a more loving one. The corner of my lips curved for a smile, I couldn’t help notice that the spring breeze was in no mood to leave me alone.

Just the way my grandparents did. The most gentle, loving and benevolent souls in my life, they never left me alone. They gifted me with a childhood of warmth, they inspired me towards instilling compassion as a daily habit, they introduced me to reading wonderful books, they loved me unconditionally.

As I finished my dinner and looked at their smiling photograph on the wall. The spring breeze gently sneaked in from the window and gave me a message. A message that ‘No matter what, the people one loves from the bottom of one’s heart, never go away. Just like the spring breeze, they are always around, all one needs to do is open one’s heart and soak in their unconditional grace.”

That is how the spring no longer remains as a season. It becomes a part of us.

Has the spring breeze greeted you yet? smile emoticon

Moon and Me

My days are passing by, just like those large peepul trees with tender leaves of light green hues which pass by when I gape at them from the bus window.

In the season of appraisals and competitions,I had become oblivious to another season, the season of spring. The season, when the almighty absent-mindlessly dips his divine brushes in different colors and splashes it here and there.

The hot pink bougainvillea, the bright orange gulmohar and not to forget the 50 shades of green one sees in the trees around. In the times when we look for the best picture quality in Smart TVs or smart phones, the nature silently grins at our folly. “Just look around and witness the picture quality,” is what she whispers in one’s ears through a sudden gush of wind.

Pity that, most of the times, we have no clue about it.We have our head phones plugged in after all. The other day while I was returning from office, some of my colleagues were discussing about their career prospects. Delayed promotions, uncertain appraisal, Oh ! the countless woes of an office goer.

As I looked out of the window, something captivated me. The full moon mischievously playing around with ripples of a pond. Almost like a scene from my drawing book in std 5. It was a moment of perfect bliss, where words ceased to exist, the money, the raise, the promotion, nothing seemed to matter.It was just me and the moon, stalking me all the way to my home, peeping through my window too, telling me silently that these days will pass too.

It teaches one the lesson that life is not measured by the clock, it is measured by moments. During those lonely nights when we fret, we burn in agony, we curse, we worry, we lament, we envy, we cry, all the while the moon witnesses us and the stars join in too.

They wonder that despite being a minute speck in the universe, we take ourselves so seriously. So much that, some of us in our mental trauma detest our own existence. Yet the moon never gives up, after all it is the brand ambassador of hope appointed by the almighty.

The hope that no matter how dark the night be, there is one white bulb of light, that follows no matter where one is and no matter where one goes. One just needs to look beyond one’s smartphone to witness the tiny miracle

I smile as I wonder that one day, after many years, with a wrinkled body, dancing gait, blurred vision and quivering lips, the moon and I will talk again. Almost like long lost friends, reminiscing about the times when in the season of spring, amidst the breeze, the moon had taught me an important lesson.

The golden triangle

“I am participating in the #DilKiDealOnSnapdealactivity at BlogAdda in association with SnapDeal.” *The golden triangle : Qualification, Profession and Passion* A few good books like “The Monk who sold his Ferrari,” “The Last Lecture”, “The Secret”, “Think Like Da Vinci”, “Three Feet From Gold” all spell out a common message “The need to realize one’s destiny and reach one’s higher purpose”. A lot of vivid memories come alive as I recollect my childhood days when I carried my notebooks and pens all across my home and scribbled something in them, pretending to be in office. My mom would get a glass of milk for me and I would drink it pretending it to be tea.My naive mind had created an image of me as a professional way back then. Then I started growing up and things ceased to be simple. My scribbles were replaced with home assignments and imaginary office was replaced with school and exams. Thus started a race, a resolve to secure the 1st Position in the class. I am sure, many of us must have undergone that overpowering guilt of writing a wrong answer and discovering it outside the exam hall after the exam. I used to have that feeling often, secretly calculating my marks from the question paper in the silent corner of my room, sometimes sulking over my mistakes and sometimes ecstatic over my correct answers. My world had shrunken to my class, my exams and my performance. This pattern continued till my graduation days in Engineering. The silent resolve to be the best student. Yet my engineering days brought in a paradigm shift in my thought process, it made me witness the world beyond the confines of the classroom. My wonderful peer group during college opened my mind to diversity and excellence. I understood the importance of that being a good human being with social responsibility was as important as being a good student. I developed liking for certain subjects like Software Security, Organizational Behavior, Theory of Computation , Software Engineering principles and studied them beyond the sake of just securing great marks. So ultimately I received my qualification. But strangely enough my degree certificate did not make me jump with joy as I realized that there is actually no limit to learning. Life is all about “Learning to Grow and Growing To Learn”. My life at TCS since 2012 has further enhanced this thought. These years have helped me gather priceless moments both within and beyond the purview of work. “LIREL- Leading Change, Integrity, Respect for Individual, Excellence, Learning & Sharing” has been my guiding principle all the way. TCS has helped me interact with revered individuals who epitomize the integration of talent, humility and relentless dedication. It has revived the habit of reading in me, it has given me an opportunity to reach out for the greater good, it has made me confident through ToastMasters and above all, it has given me a valuable creative platform “Knome”. Life @ TCS has been fulfilling. My profession has helped me grow, not just as a professional but as a human being by widening my view of looking at the world around me. It has been a roller coaster ride sometimes while sometimes it has been a peaceful boatride in the backwaters of Kerala. While my qualification introduced me to a whole new world, my profession taught me how to live in it, teaching me my greatest lessons as my days pass. Over the years, I have got the habit of doing something madly.I become oblivious of the place, my own state of mind and the world around. It is synonymous to my state of being, it gives me joy and gives me wings to fly. It is my passion, Writing. Writing makes my world come alive. It fills my moments with happiness. It fuels my life and it shows me a way ahead ! It adds the extra flavor of passion to my life with the basic ingredients of qualification and profession. So this is how, my life is complete with these three elements. As the days pass, I hope they grow and with them, I hope to grow too. I would like to describe an incident which had a lasting impact on me . Here it goes (in a manner of dialogues): The characters of this incident-me,Sikander nd Shoaib…I am giving the detailed account of the incident ..I was shopping in an general store when I heard the conversation of 2 rag pickers.. Shoaib-“Pata hai aaj hamara desh aazaad hua tha…Aaj kuch Independ day hai..” Sikander-“hoga saala kuch..Mera kya jaata hai??” I overheard their conversation and turned to them saying- ‘Independend nahin Independence Day hai..Happy Independence day hai..Happy Independence Day” Sikander-“Saahab,Tera kuch kaam nahin hai kya..Subah subah dimaag garam kar raha hai??” Me-“Aisa nahin bolte..Aaj ke din hamara desh aazaad hua tha..pata nahin hai kya??” Sikander-“Jaanke kya ghanta karunga…mujhe sirf itna pata hai ki mujhe avi tak garibi se aazadi nahin mili hai..do waqt ki roti nahin milti..padhane ke liye bhi mere baap ke paas paisa nahin hai..Maa ghar ghar jaake bartan saaf karti hai..tumhara kya hai-aaraam se ghumte ho-paisa jo hai pocket mein..jao jao saahab..apna kaam karo..” His reply stunned me for a moment.. Me-“Aaj subah se kuch khaya hai??” Sikander-“Khane ke liye zeb mein paisa hona chahiye..” Me-Mera ek kaam karega to tujhe khane ke liye dunga” Sikander with a flash of smile on his face-“Sachi sahab??bolo na..” Me-“Rashtra Geet aata hai??” Sikander-“Woh kya hota hai??”” Me-“Jana gana mana…”” Sikander-“Aata hai naa sahab..” Me-“Zara gaake bata” He sang the National Anthem for me.. I took him to a nearby hotel where I could easily distinguish the changing expressions on his face from annoyance to that of satisfaction.. Me-“Khush??” Sikander-“Pura…” I saw him going towards his work with a smile on his face. He left me alone with some questions unanswered-Is our country independent in true sense?? Can children like Sikander define our future??Can web proud to say-“I m an Indian with people like Sikander still searching for the worth of freedom?? Give it a thought friends… Hope your golden triangle is enriching your life smile emoticon.

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